Contact Us

Team Rector   Fr Philip North  

Parish Office

Basement   191 St Pancras Way

London NW1  9NH

 020 7424 0724

General Enquiries: Parish Manager  Peter Southwood address and telephone as above  Office Hours 8.30 – 5.30pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Hall Bookings: Brendan Collins  Facilities Manager  020 7267 1750   address as above

Office Hours 9 – 2 Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Family  History Enquiries:  Please note that the parish records for St. Michael’s and St. Pancras Old Church are held in the London Metropolitan Archives and many can be accessed online. See links panel to the right of the page.

Marriage: If you are would like to be married in the Church of England you are welcome to discuss it with a member of the clergy.  If you have a particular church in mind contact the relevant priest.  Many people choose to get married in the beautiful surroundings of St Pancras Old Church, if this is the church you are considering for this sacrament please contact Fr James on 020 7419 6679.

Baptism: The clergy will happily talk to you if you are considering baptism and or confirmation for yourself or your child.




  1. Hello,
    I was interested to read about the 6th Century altar stone that was found buried in the yard of St. Pancras Old Church. I was wondering if you could tell me where in the church I might find it? Many thanks, Katherine Midgley

    • Hi Katherine,
      The stone is embedded in the altar itself inside the church. If you do take a look please lift and replace the altar cloth carefully.
      Parish Office

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